I adore my mother

After a lengthy Q&A at dinner tonight and the constant upbringing of the topic of children and grandchildren and “When is Skokie going to pop the question” I finally had to tell my mother that my guy and I have decided to not have children of our own.  That we have many years to decide whether or not we wish to adopt and that we have made our minds up over much discussion between each other.  She, to my surprise was very receptive to this information.  To my further amazement, when I also added that we never plan on getting married for personal reasons she looked at me from across the table and smiled (this smile seemed to take almost 800 years to form mind you).  She told me that no matter what walk of life I chose she was happy if I was happy and healthy. 

I have never felt more loved and I have never felt closer to my mom than I did today.